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About Us

All Fun, No Limits

At Bounce Babe, we believe in the pure joy and excitement that comes from jumping around in a bounce house. Our mission is to create a space where fun knows no age limits. Whether you’re young or young at heart, Bounce Babe is the perfect place to let loose, laugh, and enjoy the exhilarating freedom of bouncing.


What Makes Us Unique

We are proud to be the ONLY modern bounce house company in the tristate area offering all-white and aesthetically pleasing inflatables. Our unique designs ensure that your event is not only fun but also visually stunning.


Our Story

Hi, I'm Lacey, the founder of Bounce Babe. I'm a kid at heart who loves to play and explore. Living in Newburgh with the love of my life and our two little ones, who also share my love for fun and adventure, inspired me to continue this space where everyone can experience the joy of bouncing. With Bounce Babe, we aim to bring a bit of that playful spirit to the tristate area.

Why Bounce Houses?

Pure Fun

Jumping around in a bounce house brings out the inner child in everyone, making it a perfect activity for families and friends.

Stress Relief

There’s something incredibly freeing about bouncing around. It’s a great way to blow off steam and leave your worries behind.

Great Exercise

While we’re all about fun, bouncing is also a fantastic way to get some exercise without even realizing it.

Social Interaction

Bounce houses are a great way to bond with others. Whether it’s a birthday party, a team-building event, or just a day out, bouncing brings people together.

What We Offer

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Variety of Bounce Houses

 From classic bounce castles to elaborate obstacle courses, we have a range of bounce houses to suit every preference and occasion.


Safe and Clean Environment

Your safety is our top priority. Our facilities are regularly cleaned and maintained to ensure a safe, fun experience for everyone.


Events and Parties

Looking to celebrate a special event? Our bounce houses are perfect for birthdays, corporate events, and other gatherings. Make your occasion unforgettable with Bounce Babe.

Our Philosophy

At Bounce Babe, we’re all about:

Joyful Experiences

We believe that bouncing should be fun and accessible for everyone. Our goal is to create memories filled with laughter and excitement.

Community Spirit

We strive to build a community where people can come together, share in the fun, and create lasting connections.

Inclusive Fun

No matter your age, background, or fitness level, everyone is welcome at Bounce Babe.

Join the Bounce Babe Fun

Ready to jump in? Visit the Reserve page on our website to book today. Follow us on social media to stay updated on the latest news, events, and special offers.

At Bounce Babe, we’re all about bringing joy and excitement to your life. Come bounce with us and feel the difference!

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